Gohmert Rages At Impeachment Inquiry: How Many Rules Are We Going To Ignore?

“This is not about being fair. It’s not about due process. It is about a kangaroo system; and let me tell you — those who think they have done something special here — you have set the bar so low, I’m afraid it’s irreparable,” he said. “We’ve had people already mention the next president, Joe Biden, he may be the next president. Well, we’ve already got the forms, all we have to do is eliminate Donald Trump’s name and put Joe Biden’s name in there, because he’s on video. He and his son. He basically has admitted to the crime that’s being hoisted on the president improperly.”

“I’m scared for my country,” he added. “I’ve never seen anything like this. This is supposed to be Congress! I came up here from a court where we had order, and we had rules, and I’ve seen nothing of the kind in here today, and it’s outrageous that we’re trying to remove a president with a kangaroo court like this.”

Article URL : https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/12/09/gohmert_rages_at_impeachment_inquiry_how_many_rules_are_we_going_to_ignore.html

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