Watchdog: FBI Knew ‘Pee Tape’ Highly Dubious, Didn’t Tell Trump

Steele’s “Primary Sub-source” also told the FBI that Steele didn’t have the high-level contacts that he claimed were the ultimate sources of his allegations. According to the Horowitz report, the various “sub-sources did not have direct access to the persons they were reporting on,” but instead were trafficking in “multiple layers of hearsay upon hearsay.”

The Primary Sub-source remains anonymous. The individual told the FBI, in a series of interviews, that he or she “never expected Steele to put the Primary Sub-source’s statements in reports or present them as facts.” It wasn’t that the claims were as yet unverified — “the Primary Sub-source said he/she made it clear to Steele that he/she had no proof to support the statements from his/her sub-sources,” Horowitz writes. As the Primary sub-source succinctly put it, “It was just talk.”

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