Holy Mother-Forking Shirt-Balls! (Fooling the censors)

The sublime show, the Good Place, will be coming to an end in 2020.

One of the more fun things they did, to get past the NBC censors, was add verbal typoes to all swears… so when someone tries to use bad language in the Good Place, they end up saying things like… Mother-Forker.

This… isn’t the first time people have tried to sweeten salty language.  PM Trudeau the elder told the speaker of the house he had said “fuddle-duddle” aloud, and the transcript was wrong.

But classic 19th Century blasphemy is also sweetened to be tasteful.

“Zounds” is an exclamation for ‘God’s Wounds!’ (the stigmata of Christ)

“Gadzooks” is an exclamation of ‘God’s Hooks!’ (the nails that affixed Christ to the Cross)

“By Jove!” is… substituting the Latin god Jove as a swear, so therefore not blasphemous to Christians.

(Swearing in Quebec French FYI, is solid religious terms.  “Tabernacle!” “Chalice!” etc.)

So anyway… what are some entertaining “not quite swears” you are aware of, or know of people using?

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