Arguing again over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Consider this

Some people think that Christmas movies have to be religious. Others that they need to be traditional. Still others that they only need be set during the Christmas holidays.

An interesting take on the subject from a writer at the CBC…

Purists will argue that Christmas movies require certain elements, like characters going through a change (though that’s all movies), Christmas iconography or heart-tugging sentimentality. Hallmark has taken over the Christmas movie game by cranking out films at a faster pace than Santa’s elves make toys. They’ve created a formula that has even inspired drinking games where you take a shot if a city slicker is stuck in a small town for the holidays, it starts snowing on Christmas, or the bland main characters fall in love.

Die Hard started as a Christmas movie and It’s a Wonderful Life didn’t, but both are yuletide favourites now, because culture, like everything else, changes over time. Genre and intent don’t matter as much. If it gets you in the mood while you sip a rum and eggnog and trim your tree, then it has the power to become a Christmas movie. You should watch the movies that give you holiday joy, even if it’s one of those horrifyingly formulaic Hallmark movies that are taking over the universe. You decide what a Christmas movie is for you.

Though, if Eyes Wide Shut gets you in the mood, I’m a bit worried for you.

Do you think that Die Hard is a Christmas movie?

Are non-religious “Christmas movies” actually just “holiday movies”?

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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