Portland State University offers ‘queer ecologies’ class

Portland State University offers ‘queer ecologies’ class

Learn about ‘queer environmental futurity’

A class at Portland State University allows students to study “queer ecologies,” with numerous queer-centric topics discussed through a “queer lens” in order to understand “queer identity and experience.”

A flier of the course, offered through the school’s Women’s Studies department, was posted to Twitter on Tuesday by Peter Boghossian, a philosophy professor at the university. The course will be offered over the Winter 2020 quarter at the school.

“We explore how gender, sexuality, and queer experience and identity intersect with race, class, disability, and settler colonialism to construct bodies and places as ‘natural’ and the role that science plays in defining ‘nature’,” the description on the flier reads.

Topics covered in the class, according to the flier, include “queer bodies,” “queering settler colonialism,” “queer environmental politics,” “disability and queer environments,” “queering science,” “queer animals” and “queer environmental futurity.”

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