Fox News Condemns 2020 Election As Partisan Witch Hunt Orchestrated By Democrats To Unseat President

NEW YORK—Calling the running and nomination of a candidate a blatant abuse of power from the left, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson condemned the 2020 election Thursday as a partisan witch hunt orchestrated by Democrats to unseat President Trump. “This is nothing more than a Soviet-style democratic election,” said Carlson, adding that the timing of the election was especially suspicious, coming after Trump has already been in office for three years. “The millions of dollars spent on campaign ads and televised debates clearly point to some larger conspiracy being pushed by the left; it’s a total coup! This poorly executed attempt to downplay the president’s overwhelming electoral victory in 2016 with some sort of flimsy pretext to democracy is inexcusable and the exact type of threat our founding fathers warned us about. Frankly, it’s unconstitutional and shameful to see Democrats stoop to such low levels.” At press time, Democratic candidates had announced the suspension of their campaigns saying this kind of divisiveness was not what America needs right now. 

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