Florida man accused of stealing Pepsi repeatedly fails to get out of store after cashier locks him inside

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Florida man’s repeated failure to quench his thirst with a stolen bottle of Pepsi has gone viral after investigators released surveillance video showing his persistence.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office posted footage from inside a Citgo gas station showing the man, identified as 49-year-old Gabriel Tillman, grabbing a bottle of Pepsi off a shelf near the door.

Tillman could be seen trying to leave the store without paying for the bottle. An observant cashier noticed the sticky fingers and pushed a button that remotely locked the door, deputies said.

The footage showed the 49-year-old trying to escape with the soda by throwing his body against the door. When his attempts failed, he picked up a fire extinguisher and slams it against the door. However, nothing he tried was able to bust down the locked door.


Article URL: https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-pepsi-theft-fail-video

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