Fox News Poll: Half of All Voters Say Trump Should be Impeached, Removed From Office

Fox News released a poll Sunday morning that shows a majority of registered voters think Trump should be impeached. Half of all respondents said Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while an additional four percent say he should be impeached but not removed. In contrast, 41 percent oppose impeachment.

The striking thing about these numbers is that they’ve barely budged since late October despite the weeks of testimony and debate over impeachment. Back then, a Fox News poll found that 49 percent favored impeachment and removal while four percent said he should be impeached but not removed from office. The one significant change in the numbers came from independents as 45 percent now favor impeachment, an increase from 38 percent in October. Among the rest of the voters, the split is largely along party lines with 85 percent of Democrats favoring impeachment and removal from office while 84 percent of Republicans are opposed.

Despite all the impeachment talk, the Fox News poll also reveals that Trump’s job approval rating has ticked up slightly to 45 percent from 42 percent at the end of October. Yet that increase was not enough to help Trump’s prospects in hypothetical matchups against the top Democratic candidates. When matched against Joe Biden, the former vice president has an advantage of seven percentage points—48 percent to 41 percent. Sen. Bernie Sanders also enjoys a six-point advantage over Trump—49 percent to 43 percent. But when matched up against Sen. Elizabeth Warren the numbers are pretty even with Warren ahead by just one point, 46 percent to 45 percent.  That marks a stark change from late October when Warren led Trump by five points.

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