CNN’s Chris Cuomo hates ‘Fredo’ nickname, but calls Trump ‘Dirty Donald’

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CNN host Chris Cuomo doesn’t appreciate being nicknamed “Fredo,” but has no problem labeling the president “Dirty Donald.”

“Cuomo Prime Time” on Friday concluded with a segment in which the on-screen graphic referred to the president as “#DirtyDonald” and the namesake host encouraged the moniker to trend on social media.

Media Research Center analyst Ryan Foley wrote that the use of the nickname makes the CNN host “indistinguishable from a Democratic activist.” The CNN host is the younger brother of Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic governor of New York, and was caught on video threatening a man earlier this year who called him “Fredo.”

Political satirist Tim Young told Fox News that Cuomo’s newfound fondness of a nickname is hypocritical.


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