Florida officer indicted for allegedly exposing himself to woman, forcing minor to disrobe

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A Florida cop was arrested Friday on charges related to his alleged sexual abuse of a woman and an underage girl, both of which involved the use of a dangerous weapon.

Hialeah Police Officer Jesus Manuel Menocal Jr, 32, would face life in prison if he’s found guilty of depriving the victims of their civil rights.

An indictment unsealed by a federal grand jury in Miami on Thursday alleged that Menocal forced the minor to remove her clothing “for his own sexual gratification,” according to a news release from the Justice Department. The alleged offense included kidnapping and the threatened use of a deadly weapon.

In another incident, Menocal allegedly exposed himself to a woman and grabbed her while on-duty – also while threatening to use a dangerous weapon.


Article URL: https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-officer-indicted-exposing-woman-forcing-minor-disrobe

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