‘Restoring Our Republic’

This great drifting began in earnest at the dawn of the 20th century with the rise of the Progressives, whose beliefs about human nature and the role of government and power differed greatly from those of the Founders. … Whereas the Founders were optimistic realists, the Progressives were utopian statists, deeply naive about human nature and the dangers of concentrated power. They mistakenly sought utopia in a fallen world, then compounded that mistake by concentrating tremendous power in the hands of a relatively few, deeply imperfect, human beings. In their minds, human nature was not inherently evil but was perfectible. Unelected, educated elites were to fill the envisioned Administrative State, separated from politics and elected officials and the accountability that the people’s representatives bring, as much as possible. The walls separating the powers of government were knocked down and power consolidated to advance progress.

Washington now has a whiff of Versailles about it, run by a ruling class of both parties that are detached from, and filled with, great disdain for the mere “peasants,” the “irredeemable deplorables” in the outer world. This ruling class, bolstered and funded by its cronies and special interests, has rigged the system of government to serve its own interests, not those of the American people. Even more troubling, the unelected bureaucrats, funded by the people, placed in power to supposedly serve the people, now consider themselves above the people. Elections are merely dates on a calendar that are quaint notions of a representative republic, celebrations of a relic of government that no longer truly exists. Elections come and go, but the Administrative State and those who fill it remain.

This Ruling Class and Administrative State now run a system of government far removed from the people, but even more importantly, not working on behalf of the people. It works against the people, taxing them at levels far above and beyond what our Founders would have ever imagined, putting the weight of an incredibly heavy regulatory state on the shoulders of the American people, striking trade deals and implementing foreign policy that sell out the interests of Americans every day.

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