Salesians Assailants Insatiable Lust for Minors

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Salesians Assailants Insatiable Lust for Minors

My experience has been that the Salesian has the highest percentage

 of perpetrators in any religious order across the world.’

Patrick Wall speaking during a CNN filmed report.  

Wall’s statement is 5:30 minutes into the video see link below.


Patrick Wall, a former priest who has dedicated his life to helping victims of clerical abuse, says he comes across this frequently in his work. A lead researcher and consultant for Jeff Anderson and Associates law firm, Wall has worked on more than 200 cases of clergy abuse.

On the question of why the Catholic Church sides with the priest and not the victim.  Wall, who has investigated hundreds of sexual abuse cases involving the Catholic Church.  He believes that outward sympathy with an accused priest, rather than his victim, is a behaviour common to all religious orders.   See the CNN video which is 8:50 minutes long (Wall’s statement is 5:30 minutes into the video; however, it is worth watching the full almost 9 minutes.)

A year-long CNN investigation has uncovered a clerical Child Sex Abuse scandal that concerns the Salesians of Don Bosco brotherhood.  Which is a Holy Religious Order of the Catholic Church? Where Clerical Sexual Abuse at a California school going back further than half a century? From the principal to the brother teachers, all abused the students in their charge. With sexual grooming of students taking place on their first day at school.  

One can liken the sexual abuse by priests on their students as a frenzied shark attack. Beating, bullying and threats made against the abused if they told anybody. Paedophile priests moved to other schools or child care institutions and even across borders. One repeat paedophile Belgium priest has hidden in the Central African Republic aka CAR.  Were the abuser repeatedly abused boys in his charge. The list is endless were known abusers of children was moved and given Children in their custody. It reads like a horrific nightmare where the predator was given children to lust over.

The Salesians of Don Bosco is an order founded in 1859 to help and support vulnerable children. Instead, it has become a hunting ground for Paedophiles, with claim coming from the secular Hierarchy of the Catholic Church, claiming no responsibility of what goes on in the Don Bosco Order.  

Patrick Wall further claims that the Salesians Don Bosco Order have more paedophiles than in any other Catholic or Protestant sect.  

For those who don’t understand how the Catholic Church works, there are two Orders or Institutions. The Religious and Secular Orders/Institutions.

The secular institution of Hierarchy with a Pope at its head with Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests and Deacons. Whereas, the Holy Orders hierarchy differs significantly, especially in their leader titles and Order hierarchy.

The Salesians of Don Bosco’s title is Rector major.   A provincial in Don Bosco is equivalent to an Archbishop.

Society of Jesus aka the Jesuit Order is lead by Superior General!   

Dominicans Order is lead by a Master of the Order of Preachers (since 2019 the 88th Master). 

Benedictine’s are lead by Abbot Primate and so on.

According to the Vatican, the Salesians of Don Bosco brotherhood have not followed canon Law when it comes to Clerical Sexual Abuse cases.  

(That is a bit of Hypocricy I did not know! As I believed the Vatican had also failed to follow Canon Law, especially the Synod of Elvira (c. 306 CE) Canon Law 18!)



Episcopi, presbyteres (!) et diacones si in ministerio positi detecti fuerint quod sint moechati, placuit propter scandalum et propter profanum crimen nec in finem cos communionem accipere debere.


Bishops, presbyters, and deacons, once they have taken their place in the ministry, shall not be given communion even at the time of death if they are guilty of sexual immorality. Such scandal is a serious offense.


The phrase ‘Holy Orders’ the word ‘Holy’ means ‘set apart for some purpose.’


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