West Point, Annapolis officials investigating possible ‘white power’ hand sign

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West Point and Annapolis officials are trying to determine the motives of service-academy students who flashed hand signs on national television Saturday that in certain contexts are associated with “white power.”

The hand sign appeared to be displayed both by West Point cadets and Annapolis midshipmen during a broadcast of the annual Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia, but U.S. Military Academy officials haven’t yet determined their intent, according to a West Point spokesman.

Annapolis officials appointed a preliminary inquiry officer to conduct an internal investigation, Annapolis spokeswoman Cdr. Alana Garas said Sunday. “Based on findings of the investigation, those involved will be held appropriately accountable,” she said.


Article URL: https://www.foxnews.com/us/west-point-annapolis-possible-white-power-hand-sign-army-navy

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