Russia to invest $500m in Syrian port of Tartus

Russia will invest $500m in the port of Tartus in its largest ever investment in Syria, as Moscow seeks to leverage its position as the most powerful foreign player in the war-torn country. 

Moscow entered the Syrian war in 2015 with a military onslaught that helped President Bashar al-Assad turn the conflict in favour of his regime and made Russia a critical powerbroker in the Middle East. 

Tartus is the home of Russia’s sole naval base outside the former Soviet Union and gives Moscow a critical beachhead in the Mediterranean. In 2017, Russia struck a deal to lease Tartus for 49 years and expand its use to civilian business purposes, and has said it plans to make it a centrepiece of efforts to rebuild the country’s destroyed economy. 

Russia to invest 0m in Syrian port of Tartus
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