On a lighter note being it is Christmas! There Is No Corruption of Holly Relics as There Were More Than One Jesuses’

On a lighter note being it is Christmas!
There Is No Corruption of Holly Relics as There Were More Than One Jesuses’

Although Jesus was a twin, we are told that there was only one Jesus—or was there?
Looking back at what we perceive as the Universal Christian religion. From its earliest time (mid 2nd cent. CE) with modern biblical historians naming then the proto-Orthodox (from 380 CE they were called Catholic Christians). In doing so, merging their religion by adopting the belief system from the influx of Pagan converts. A friendly non-aggressive sect which was insatiable on converting Pagans along with their Pagan rite, relics and their seasons/festive ceremonies. With relics later becoming big business, and big money-spinner when it came to vulnerable pilgrims, who became easy targets for a non-corrupt religious institution. By all accounts, there are multiple copies of all Relics. Which either suggests the Church, was misinforming its adherents over many centuries, or there was more than one Jesus? It is quite evident that the latter is correct as there are tonnes of Crucifying Nails, enough wood to form a Forest of Crosses. This proves the theory that Jesuses was being continually crucified in a cycle of resurrection perpetuated time and time again. The evidence is clear as a myriad of large Jars full of Pickled Prepuce! Although one jar has a sticker, which reads: Property of the Synagogue of Rome. Though this has been attested by Catholics as the work of sceptics Jews. I cannot see an institution that claims Apostolic Succession from Peter and at the same time claiming infallibility could deceive 1.3 Billion adherents.

non-Corrupt Relic sales
During the Middle Ages, a travelling monk hoping to purchase a saint’s relic for his monastery found little success and returned home disappointed. Luckily, he soon encountered a merchant who offered to sell him the skull of John the Baptist. The monk was dumbfounded. Hadn’t he just seen the skull of St. John in a church during a recent visit to France? “That was the skull of St. John when he was a child,” explained the merchant. “This is his skull when he was an adult.” —Inside the Priory of Sion By Robert Howells

Relics come in all shapes and sizes, and according to Catholicism, they come in three classes.
*Crown of Thorns
Body parts
, including skulls, bones and hair, etc.
Shroud of Turin (several shrouds types are claimed, the most famous being the Shroud of Turin which is said by radiocarbon dating in 1988 to be dated between 1260-1390. What Poppycock it authentic!)
Image of Edessa aka Byzantine Greek: Mandylion (not to be confused with the Mandalorian) for towel, cloth. Latin: Mantilium -handtowel. We know from true Christian sources that the King of Edessa wrote to Jesus and vice versa Jesus wrote back to the king. These letters have been authenticated by the Church.
Sudarium of Oviedo, or Shroud of Oviedo—Sudarium is Latin for sweat cloth!
Sudarium or Veil of Veronica
Holy Lance aka the Spear of Destiny (4 of), which was later owned by Sir Lancelot du Luc.
Jesus’ baby clothes. Many baby clothes shops have gone out of business owing to a large amount of Jesus’ infant clothes being sold from Churches.
The list is endless.
Nails from the Cross! What Sceptics say, who are unaware that there are more than One Jesus!
Reputedly, there are thousands of fake nails from the True Cross(?). There are so many alleged pieces of the crucifixion cross that the 16th-century Martin Luther is credited with un-pious punch line;
1. Jesus must have been crucified on a whole forest. [Zachary Bartel (2014), Playing Saint, p. 152, Thomas Nelson, Nashville] or
2. On the Cross of Jesus: “There are enough pieces of the True Cross to rebuild Noah’s Ark!” Credited to the Dutch Humanist Erasmus.[National Catholic Register] Or
Classes of Relics
First-Class Relics include physical remains, such as the bones or hair of a saint.
Second Class Relics are the possessions of an iconic figure, the objects intimately associated with them. For example, the ‘Veil of Veronica’ is a sacrosanct scarf supposedly used to wipe the sweat from Jesus’ brow as he carried the Cross, imprinting his image on the cloth.
Third Class Relics are Do-It-Yourself relics, items that are sanctified when they have touched a deceased saint; or items that have homoeopathic holiness, having been brought to the shrine of a saint.
By venerating relics in the early medieval period through visitation, gifts, and providing services, medieval Christians believed that they would acquire the protection and intercession of the sanctified dead. In that, the Church was happy to oblige unsuspecting ignorant pilgrims.
See John Calvin’s remark on the Cross below.

What Prominent Protestants Anti-Catholics say on the Cross
Now let us consider how many relics of the true Cross there are in the world. An account of those merely with which I am acquainted would fill a whole volume, for there is not a church, from a cathedral to the most miserable abbey or parish church, that does not contain a piece. Large splinters of it are preserved in various places, as for instance in the Holy Chapel at Paris, whilst at Rome, they show a crucifix of considerable size made entirely, they say, from this wood. In short, if we were to collect all these pieces of the True Cross exhibited in various parts, they would form a whole ship’s cargo.” [John Calvin, A Treatise on Relics, p. 233, Second Edition, Edinburgh: Johnstone, Hunter & Co. 1870]

Is Catholicism telling the truth to it 1.3 billion witnesses?
What do you say?

So, forget your gods and enjoy yourselves and above all be Merry.
Canol gaeaf llawen i chi i gyd a’ch teulu—Merry mid-Winter (solstice) to you all your family!

To the Christians amongst you!
Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd hapus i chi gyd a’ch teulu!—Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all and family!

Cofion cynnes (warm regards)

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