Pelosi Threatens to Call Off Impeachment Unless Senate Meets Her Demands


1. Pelosi never wanted to do this. She was pushed into it by her donor base. So this is an excuse for effectively tabling the whole thing and then working on some legislation that might actually help retain control of the House. And she can blame Mitch McConnell for it.

2. The idea is to threaten Trump with the idea of the Democrats taking the Senate. And then being able to actually impeach him. The odds of this though are way out there.

3. With the polls turning against them, the Democrats are in free fall. And jumping on anything that looks good. In this case, Turley’s article. They can’t impeach Trump. The whole process is going nowhere. And the public has turned against them. But the donor base demands it.

So that leaves them caught in their own trap and unable to escape. This is a potential exit hatch.

Slow the whole thing down. Buy time. Look for more options.

And then there’s always…

4. Pelosi is out of her mind.

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