Pew: Race Divides Democrat Party on Faith and Marriage

The Pew Research Center asserts that while partisanship appears to be the largest factor dividing Americans’ political views, perhaps surprisingly, the Democrat party is divided by race, especially where faith and marriage are concerned.

“[B]lack Democrats [are] much more likely than white Democrats to associate belief in God with morality and less likely to say that same-sex marriage has been good for society,” Pew observed in a report on a survey of 9,895 U.S. adults, conducted September 3-15.

The report continued:

Black Democrats have long been more likely than white Democrats to describe themselves as Christian and to attend religious services more frequently.

These differences are reflected in sharp divides between black and white Democrats and Democratic leaners in opinions related to faith and religion. White Democrats are nearly twice as likely as black Democrats to say that it is not necessary to believe in God in order for a person to be moral (89% vs. 44%).

When it comes to issues of faith and marriage, Pew noted the views of black Democrats are more similar to those of Republicans than to white Democrats.

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