Trump Rallies With the People as Dems Try to Undo Their Votes

It’s a fitting juxtaposition: As President Trump was out with the people in Battle Creek, Mich., Wednesday night, Democrats were in the swamp, trying to take away the people’s votes.

We’ve seen a lot of contrasts since Nov. 8, 2016. In the early hours that day, Donald Trump was also in Michigan, just north in Grand Rapids. He explained what the election was all about: “Do you want America to be ruled by the corrupt political class, or do you want America to be ruled by you, the people?”

Their voices were heard loud and clear. But Democrats refused to listen. Ever since, President Trump has worked day and night delivering on those promises he made. The corrupt political class? They’ve been clinging to their power trying to discredit, derail, and delegitimize the man whom the voters chose. First it would be “collusion” with the Russians, then it would be “collusion” with Russia’s nemesis Ukraine. (Hey, they never said it had to make sense.) No matter how many conspiracy theories the Democrats came up with, they never could change one simple fact: The people did decide that election.

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