Underage strippers file $15 million lawsuit against Reno after ban on dancers under 21

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Eight underage strippers have filed a $15 million lawsuit against the city of Reno, claiming the city’s new law banning women younger than 21 from working in strip clubs is a civil rights violation.

The strippers, who are all between the ages of 18 and 21, also argue the city’s licensing requirements imposed on female topless dancers and not male dancers are discriminatory.

A ninth woman signed on to the lawsuit as an underage patron, arguing she has a right to view topless women at an establishment that serves alcohol just as she has a right to eat at a restaurant that serves alcohol.

The lawsuit, which seeks to be certified as a class action lawsuit on behalf of all similarly situated strippers, stems from the Reno City Council’s decision in April to enact new restrictions on Reno strip clubs. In addition to banning dancers younger than 21, the restrictions included such things as requiring brighter lighting and more video surveillance in the clubs and banning private booths.


Article URL: https://www.rgj.com/story/news/2019/12/18/underage-strippers-file-15-million-lawsuit-against-city-reno/2689365001/

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