Forgiveness… the key to “true” Christianity?

Fact: Donald Trump once admitted never having verbally asked God for forgiveness:

From my careful observations, Christian Donald Trump probably has many reasons to be asking for forgiveness, but evidently just can’t seem to bring himself to do it.  Here’s another Trump blasphemy for your consideration:

I may be wrong, but my guess is that every sincere Christian here on this site has asked their God for forgiveness; chances are likely even more than once, since, understandably, life has its way of leading us astray from time to time.  We are emotional beings and are vulnerable to the nefarious temptations that dance all around us.  Yet, true Christians know their God will continue to forgiven them because they know that their God knows what’s truly in their hearts, and that they honestly feel remorse for their confessed sins.  Okay, I can believe and accept that.  Yes, like their God would, I would even offer kudos for that, when done in earnest.  It takes a lot of integrity and self-reflection to admit personal fault and ask forgiveness; from God or anyone, for that matter.  And who among us hasn’t been served up with a hot dish of crow?  I suspect all of us. 😉

Some questions…

  • Q1: First, do you claim Christianity?
  • Q2: Do you think Donald Trump has ever sinned and needs to ask, in earnest, for forgiveness from his God, in order to claim the revered moniker of “Christian”; something supposedly not just handed out like cheap Halloween candy, but is supposed to mean something special.
  • Q3: If, say in the dark of night, behind closed doors, when it’s just Trump and God, one-on-one, do you think/suspect he ever prays and asks his God for forgiveness? Speculate for us.
  • Q4: Doesn’t there come a point when, based on a self-professed Christian’s unscrupulous actions, a true Christian has to stand up to blatant hypocrisy?  Doesn’t God/Jesus expect, even demand that of you, as a true Christian?  And if you don’t stand up to that, can you really claim to be a true Christian, or are you just playing the part of the Devil’s Fool?

Please explain this to us non-Christians here, who just don’t understand the “Christian way.”

Thank you.

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