You can’t blame God…

You can’t force a relationship…not anything worthwhile.

We give our heart to Whom we choose…and it makes all the difference. God’s no different.

So…unrequited love MUST begin at SOME point. And so love too must begin…have distinct experience, otherwise those reciprocating aren’t at all justified. Justified logically. Love has to begin at some point…or it all collapses into a heap of mess and untruth, chaos, destruction for all. There has to be a window of salvation by choice.

That’s the big issue. God is not sending people to Hell. He’s pleading with everyone of us, “Get In!’’, but it can’t be forced. It must remain a quality relationship, worthy of everything and all sacrifice. It’s what turns us on, and God is the same. We’re designed for that.

Hell is just separation from Holy. Holy and unholy can’t be together, as one destroys the other…all on it’s own. Again…logically. That’s why it says…there will be no arguing, no reasoning as to why they can’t be there. It’s because it’s a law coming to pass, a law with consequences that must come to pass. To alter that law…destroys everything. God must love those that want to be there. Those that reject that…must consequentially be separated, but not by God. The window to choose is right now. This is the acceptable year of the Lord, God’s proposal…for God’s Bride.

Is it right to blame God? Whether you accept God or not…

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