Drive-through safari park opens in Central Florida this weekend

More than 100 animals make up the Wild Florida attraction, including elk, giraffes and bison.

Giraffes and oryxes and wildebeests, oh my! Central Florida has a new drive-through African safari park called Wild Florida’s Drive-Thru Safari Park. It opens on Saturday.

Located just south of Orlando, the Wild Florida wildlife park and conservation center in Osceola County expanded its current park to span 85 acres, where more than 100 animals live cage-free. The self-guided tour is 5 miles per hour on a two-mile path.

Animals on the property include wildebeest, Watusi and Zebu cattle, water buffalo, blackbuck antelopes, llamas and mouflon sheep, which are prized for their dramatic curved spiral horns that arch back over their heads in a helix shape. More than 30 species make up the safari, including the scimitar oryx, the graceful antelope with long, thin horns that went extinct in the wild in 2000 and now can only be seen at zoos and parks like this.

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