Dear conservative pundits: stop with the gender wars bullshit

We all get it. Conservative pundits (very) occasionally tire of flogging a dead horse and leave Greta Thunberg alone for a day. They cast about for some new outrage to fulminate on and usually look to the LGBTIQ community as reliable fodder to entertain their ‘back in my day’ audience. And there’s nothing better to rouse the ire of the self-proclaimed ‘normal’ people than the good old gender wars bullshit.

On 16 December, Prue MacSween had a go at combining the gender wars with that time-proven classic, the imagined War on Christmas.

Prue MacSween

The Gender Wars Bullshit Part II
Meanwhile, at the Courier-Mail, Lucy Carne says, “From the annals of ‘I Swear I’m not Making This Up’ comes the shrill clarion call to make Father Christmas gender neutral.”

However, that ‘shrill clarion call’ came not from gender activists or indeed any activists. It came from a business card design company’s obvious ploy to manufacture outrage and thus garner free publicity.

PR agents flood the inboxes of media outlets with this sort of bullshit. It’s invariably nonsense. A beat up. A trifle in desperate search of viral sensation. On slow news days, as we flail about in search of copy, some of us succumb to the temptation.

GraphicSprings reported 27% of 400 respondents to their fun little survey wanted Father Christmas rebranded as either gender neutral or female.

However, as Snopes points out, the survey asked, “If you could ‘rebrand’ Santa for modern society, what gender would he be?”

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