Firefighters spreading Christmas cheer with pillow fights in Ky.

Grayson firefighters saw a video of a fireman in New York, dressed as Buddy the Elf, starting pillow fights with random people.

They said it looked like too much fun not to try themselves.

When people see the Clark Griswold car approaching blaring music from the National Lampoon Vacation films, it’s only a harbinger of the surreal Christmas experience that’s about to literally strike them.

Wednesday night, firefighters drove around town, stopping at gas station and grocery store parking lots, where Lt. Travis McHenry, a Will Ferrell doppelganger clad as Buddy the Elf, challenged unsuspecting victims to pillow duels.

“You have a 6-foot tall Buddy the Elf jump out and throw pillows at adults or kids or whoever, it really puts a smile on their faces,” said Assistant Chief Kyle Morgan.

This is the second year the fire department has done this.

“It’s a bad time of year for a lot of people,” said firefighter Scott Roseberry. “When you drive through like we have tonight and see people’s faces light up, it’s worth every penny we spend.”

McHenry says the smiles brought to people’s faces make it well worth the occasional beating from opponents who take the battle more seriously than others.

“We have a blast,” McHenry said. “It brings a smile to everyone in our community. A random person may be having a bad day, and an elf tosses them a pillow to have a little pillow fight. It automatically brings a smile to their face.”

The firefighters say they’ll be doing these pillow fights a few more times, but they’re not saying exactly when they’ll be doing them – they don’t want to ruin the element of surprise.

They also visit kids at their homes and hand out presents while dressed as the characters.

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