Praying for rain.

Last October the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference initiated a prayer campaign to run through November to pray for rain to help extinguish the devastating bush fires which are raging in eastern Australia. As this doesn’t seem to have worked the campaign has been extended indefinitely.

So the bishops are on a certainty, for some day the rain will come and they will be able to claim that it was because of this constant prayer.

It’s sad to see so many people deluded in the idea that their prayers are being listened to by a god which has power over the climate. Wouldn’t it be better to do something useful, like, say, cutting back on the use of fossil fuels?

If God has the power to send rain it presumably was God which sent the drought in the first place so:

Would it be blasphemous to question God’s plan?

As a general question:

Have you any well documented instance of prayer being answered?

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