The Christ is my Life

I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. That means Jesus stands the infinite gap between God and me. He’s a man just like me. First, I agreed with him that I’m a rebel bent on my own ways, then I looked at him, and then I went to him. He put his Spirit in me, and the Bible says that makes me a child of God.


While at first I resented giving up my right to myself, I desired to live a clear and simple life. My life was a mess 7 years ago and I believe God engineered a series of events that left my back flat against a wall, facing him. It’s as if he made my decision for me.    


He is still directing my circumstances, as he did with the Christ, down a path of obedience to his Word and Voice. Jesus told his disciples, “Follow me,” and that’s what I’m doing. Most of you won’t understand or believe the life I live, yet some will, and you’re why I wrote this OP. 


Question from OP:

I suppose I’d ask what Jesus asked his disciples in Matthew 15:16, ‘And Jesus said, Are ye also yet without understanding?’


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