Atheists actually do believe…

Atheists say they don’t believe, but their actions say otherwise…

Jordan Peterson describes this in a short clip, particularly min 3 on

Atheists claim morality need not include God. Sure…but that’s today’s atheism…Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Matt Dillahunty etc etc.

They assume the fabric of morality just came about on it’s own. They think the foundation of morality wasn’t established by God fearing people and copied over and over by even secular nations. Atheists say God isn’t necessary, but live within that structured system. Just look at how bad another system could be, Mao copied Stalin’s communism and that moral foundation of godlessness. We all know how that turns out. Just google Mao’s Great Leap Forward


Are all atheists REALLY just fooling themselves about their lack of faith in God? Especially since they live, function, operate WELL within the framework of a God-fearing moral establishment

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