Seven Reasons to Reject Hell

Frank Rober (frobn)

I receive a good many emails and private messages from friends who still struggle with the fear of Hell. The curious thing about this is that most of these people have quit believing in God for all intents and purposes. Most of them have left the religions of their youth (or of their young adult lives), and yet they still fear everlasting torment. But how is that even possible?

1.) (For some) there are no good reasons to believe people come back from the dead at all.

2.) Logistically speaking, the doctrine of Hell makes a category error by alternately claiming it’s physical and then not physical.

3.) Punishment that has no redemptive or rehabilitative purpose is useless and morally deplorable.

4.) It also makes no sense to withhold any clear evidence of the existence of this punishment until the moment it becomes your inescapable destiny.

5.) The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

6.) The duration of punishment renders the crucifixion nonsensical because, if it takes forever to pay off the sins of one lifetime, you can’t pay off the sins of a billion lifetimes by suffering for twelve hours on a Friday.

7.) Jesus may not have believed in Hell himself.

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