6 Reasons Pelosi’s Senate Obstruction Gambit On Impeachment Articles Is A Disaster

Immediately after impeaching President Donald Trump for allegedly obstructing the House and abusing his power as president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi obstructed the Senate’s constitutional obligation to hold an impeachment trial and abused her power by trying to steal power that belongs solely to the Senate under the Constitution. Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that she is in no rush to formally transmit to the Senate the articles of impeachment her party in the House had just approved. Here are six reasons Pelosi’s impeachment obstruction stunt undermines the entire basis of the Democrats’ effort to eject Trump from office.

Article URL : https://thefederalist.com/2019/12/19/6-reasons-pelosis-senate-obstruction-gambit-on-impeachment-articles-is-a-disaster/

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