Iowa police investigate festive ‘poopy pants’ vandalism: ‘We’re telling Santa’

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Well, that’s not very festive.

Police in Iowa released an image of some truly bizarre vandalism. Whoever the culprit is, they have an odd sense of humor while still appearing to have an appreciation for the holidays.

The Ames Police Department shared an image to Twitter that shows a brick wall with the words “poopy pants” spray-painted onto it. The words are spray-painted in red alongside a smiley face in green paint. Red and green are traditionally considered Christmas colors.

A clearly amused police department captioned the photo, “We took a vandalism report involving festive red & green spray paint and the words ‘poopy,’ ‘poopy pants,’ ‘pee-pee,’ ‘stinky,’ ‘penis, and ‘butt. We are currently interested in speaking with all 6-10-year-olds and immature husbands/boyfriends in the area.”


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