Melania Trump fury: How FLOTUS’ childhood Xmas tree was replaced by a bizarre tradition

MELANIA TRUMP is famously the second FLOTUS in history to come from outside the US, and now a White House expert has revealed one of the bizarre traditions the First Lady grew up with.

Author Doug Wead wrote in his new book ‘Inside Trump’s White House’, that Melania, having grown up in Slovenia, experienced some unusual traditions due to the country being an atheist state at the time. While researching his book, Mr Wead conducted numerous interviews during multiple travels to the country.

He even followed up the visit with Skype calls and emails to sources with a translator at hand in order to understand the country and its history.

At the time of Melania’s birth in 1970, Slovenia was an atheist state, according to Mr Wead, which made traditions like Christmas hard to celebrate.

Mr Wead said: “Posters of the Yugoslavian dictator Josip Tito were everywhere.”

The author then said that “there were no Christmas trees” but that there was a different tradition instead.

He continued: “There were no Christmas tree, although it was permissible to buy a ‘New Years Tree’.”

Although the lack of tradition may seem harsh, Mr Wead also claimed it was better than other parts of Europe at the time.

He added: “Still, it was an improvement on life in the Soviet Union, where both Christmas and Easter were strictly forbidden.”

In the book, Mr Wead said while living in a totalitarian state, Melania became prepared for her life as FLOTUS

He said: “Life in a totalitarian state, where neighbour often spied on neighbour, and each block had its own political monitor, may have prepared Melania for the vicious political and media attacks that have become her way as first lady.

“They also gave her a perspective on America that no other first lady has ever had.”

However, the strict nation was not the most heartbreaking aspect of her time in Slovenia.

Melania allegedly saw the US as a place where dreams could come true.

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