The heavy price of Trump hatred

I personally know dozens of other people who feel the same way and am certain there are tens of millions of others just like them across the country. They want him gone by any means necessary.

That’s their right as private citizens. But, as impeachment dominates the nation, I would hope they might take a step back and recognize how dangerous it is when the pillars of our Republic – the government and the press – share their commitment to remove a duly elected president by hook or crook.

Recall that from the moment Trump was elected, the reporting and commentaries from news organizations such as the New York Times, CNN and NPR created the impression that Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the 2016 race. Former CIA Director John Brennan promised time and again that indictments were imminent.

The reporting was so one-sided and unfair it’s no wonder that Americans already repulsed by the president took it all as gospel. Part of me can’t blame them – who would believe that their government and the prestigious news outlets they relied on would mislead them about so much for so long?

But they did.

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