The Last of The Davidic Dynasty Proves That Jesus Had No Royal Bloodline


The Last of The Davidic Dynasty Proves That Jesus

Had No Royal Bloodline

The Chronicle

One does not need to be a biblical scholar to figure out that the Greek Gentile scribes who wrote the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew and Luke—deliberately falsified their claims. For a reason only to try and authenticate a bloodline, so that Christians could show their critics that Jesus was indeed the messiah and descended from King David.  

Christian apologists will say that this post uses a biased Jewish source, Israel’s Chronology. Well, everything in the chronology is from the Hebrew Bible, and Christians use the Hebrew Bible (OT) as the first part of the Christian Bible with the New Testament (NT) being the latter part. 

The genealogy in Luke 3, verse 23, informs us that Jesus was the son of Joseph. In verse 31, Jesus descended through Nathan, the son of David. However, we first hear that Nathan as the son of David in 2 Samuel 5:14. However, 2 Samuel, along with the Deuteronomistic works/history (Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings and also the book of Jeremiah) composed between 630-540 BCE. Which is between four and six centuries after Nathan (?) if there was such a royal person. As many Jewish and Christian scholars, say that Nathan was a prophet and adviser to King David.  

The Chronicle of Israel/Hebrew Bible exposes the NT genealogies of Jesus, for what they are—falsifications. False claims, as Luke’s genealogy, lists 42 generations from Jesus to Adam, the son of God!

Matthew’s genealogy version is shorter with 28 generations and starts off with Abraham and finishes with, Joseph, the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. However, the NT that Joseph was not the father. That honour the NT tells us belongs to the Holy Ghost (Matthew 1:18). Matthews genealogy version, although shorter than Luke’s is just as ludicrous to read, where they run out of males ancestors they add females to keep the plot going. With both versions contradicting one another.

 The ancient biblical scribes who were trying to fabricate Jesus’ supposed fake royal bloodline from King David forgot the diasporas that ended any bloodline from David in 586 BCE. Not only that, in 840 BCE, Queen Athaliah (reigned (840-36 BCE) murdered all the royal heirs of David except the infant Joash aka Jehoash. (see 2 Kings 11:1) In 835 BCE Queen Athaliah was murdered at the command of the high priest Jehoiada.[2 Kings 11:3,4] 

From this point, the Davidic bloodline was on its way to extinction. (See the timeline below.) One has to be aware that at the time of Jesus is said to of lived that there were no ancient documents for births and death.  As both the Assyrians and Babylonians and the later Roman destroyed and plundered everything of kingly/priestly possession from the Palaces and Temple and took whatever as trophies of war. Not even a Levi Priest was left to perform Temple services!


Chronology of Israel and Timeline

Facts, according to Israel’s Chronology and the Hebrew Bible.

David born c. 1042 BCE.

David anointed in 1033 BCE age 10 years by Samuel.

David kingships began in 1012 BCE at the age of 30 years of age.

King David died after a 40-year reign in 972 BCE.

40th & final year of King Solomon. His son Rehoboam began his accession year. Soon after Rehoboam began to reign then Jeroboam returned from Egypt in 932 BCE. Israel splits into two new kingdoms.

931 BCE, the two new kingdoms are formed, the kingdom of Israel in the north ruled by Jeroboam, and the kingdom of Judah in the south ruled by Rehoboam.

732 BCE this year three of Israels’ northern tribes were taken into captivity this year when Tiglath Pilesar III removed them to Assyria.

721 BCE this year the Assyrian captivity of Israel was completed by 721 BCE. Hoshea was now king over a depopulated nation that was resettled with foreigners from many different nations. All Ten Northern Tribes are lost and any documentation along with them!

599 BCE this year kingdom of Judah fell to Nebuchadnezzar, with the fall of Jerusalem the daily Temple sacrifice was abolished this very year. (There were no Levi’s to perform the Temple services.)

583 BCE this year was the final deportation from Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. It happened in the 23rd year of the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar (see Jeremiah 52:30).

In 348 BCE Ezra was shocked that Judaea was full of foreigners from all over the world, and the young did not speak Hebrew.  


Why was Ezra surprised had he forgotten the diasporas? The new settlers were not Hebrews/Jews unless one count the minority Jews that returned from Babylonian exile in 538 BCE. 

If we believe Ezra, then the returnees diluted the Jewish bloodline by intermarriages with the majority foreign-settlers that replaced Jews in the diasporas of 721 BCE and 599 BCE. One need not go into the Roman diaspora of 66-136 CE as it is irrelevant as it did not affect whatever bloodline Jesus had. 

Now the extinction of the Davidic bloodline more than

 five centuries before Jesus.


The Last of King David Dynasty and The Destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple.

The Davidic (King David) bloodline of the kingdom of Israel ended with King Hoshea in 721 BCE with the conquest of Israel by the Assyrians.  

The Davidic bloodline on the kingdom of Judah ended with king Zedekiah in 586 BCE when he was taken captive to Babylon.  The Davidic bloodline is extinct when Zedekiah died in exile and the and Monarchy was abolished!

The same year (586 BCE) the Temple of Jerusalem and all the housed therein were destroyed by fire, and all the walls of Jerusalem ere broken down.


In 840 BCE 1st year of Queen Athaliah reign. She murdered all the royal heirs of David except the infant Joash aka Jehoash. (see 2 Kings 11:1)



Israel’s Chronology

Hebrew Bible

New Testament


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