Tucker Carlson: Trump Is Supported By Evangelicals Because He Has Made It Clear He Will Protect Christians

Can you imagine? It’s why they spent a decade crusading, hassling, Chick-fil-A because it donated to a handful of traditional Christian charities they thought were immoral. Why not just leave them alone? Because they couldn’t help themselves because they truly hate, truly hate traditional Christianity. It’s why some of their lawmakers openly speculate that judges like Amy Coney Barrett may be ineligible for Supreme Court because she might actually believe in God. So, if you’re wondering why so many Christians have been willing to support this president despite his personal lives, this is why. It’s because whatever his flaws he’s made it clear that he’s not the enemy of Christians. In fact, under certain circumstances he will protect Christians.

Article URL : https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/12/24/tucker_carlson_trump_is_supported_by_evangelicals_because_he_has_made_it_clear_he_will_protect_christians.html

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