2 kicked out of National Guard over white supremacist ties

Two men have been kicked out of the Army National Guard after liberal activists uncovered their membership in a religious group with white supremacist ties.

Brandon Trent East told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Alabama National Guard sent him a separation notice on Dec. 14.


A spokeswoman for the Georgia National Guard said Dalton Woodward is no longer a member. She declined to comment on the terms of Woodward’s separation.


Woodward didn’t respond to a request for comment left with his friend East.


Earlier in 2019, the Atlanta Antifacists group published a report saying East and Woodward were leaders of the Norse pagan group Ravensblood Kindred. The group is part of the Asatru Folk Assembly, which researchers say endorses white supremacy.

Article URL : https://news.yahoo.com/2-kicked-national-guard-over-235721769.html

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