Democrats Must Live with Consequences of Their Foolish Impeachment Farce

Trump grates on the nerves of many—including many supporters—but that is not an impeachable offense. The country will punish a party that puts its own rabid partisan antagonism ahead of the national interest in effective government. The Democrats have no case for impeachment so they can’t go forward. They cannot possibly imagine there is any smoking gun anywhere to unsettle this administration. And as the country enters a presidential election year, they can’t get anyone except their lickspittles in the national political media drooling again about any legal threat to this president.

The voters will exercise their right and duty to determine if they want to reelect Donald Trump. The Democrats started late, after years of huffing and puffing. They failed to impress anyone, came up empty, produced and passed a pack of lies as an argument for impeachment. Now they are trying to assert constitutional rights they do not possess and a moral authority they squandered years ago to deprive the Senate of the control over an impeachment trial which the Constitution clearly reserves to the upper chamber…
The Democrats and their frenzied claque of media harpies foisted the Trump-Russia collusion fraud on the country, followed by a vapid, phony impeachment investigation which has produced meritless allegations of inoffensive offenses, and now they would virtually dictate a process, if not a verdict, from the Republican-controlled Senate. No, not again—not even if all the media’s junkyard dogs bark and wag their tails in unison again.

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