Joe Biden Claims Christmas Message Includes ‘Entire Family,’ But Hunter Is Conspicuously Absent

ike countless other Americans over the holiday season, former Vice President Joe Biden posted to social media a family photo to commemorate their Christmas gathering.

However, there was one notable absence from the Biden family photo that did not go unremarked upon by Twitter users — Hunter Biden, his new wife, and the young child from an affair with an Arkansas woman were nowhere to be seen in the picture.

In fact, “Where’s Hunter?” was actually a trending topic on the social media platform on Christmas Day, with Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich documenting just a handful of the “brutal” responses to the photo Biden received.

Biden had tweeted the picture on Christmas morning with the caption: “May your time with loved ones be full of peace, laughter, and joy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. With love, from my family to yours.”

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