President Trump’s Second Term Manifesto

Time for some more angst for Democrats and other assorted leftists!

President Trump was confronted with massive resistance to his presidency that commenced even before he was inaugurated on 20 January 2017 – from the Democrat Party, their legacy media allies, NeverTrump RINOs and conservative intelligentsia, the Deep State, Hollywood, Academia, leftwing non-profit organizations, foreign governments and their media, and deep-pocket leftwing donors. All of these people have relentlessly fought tooth and nail against his policies and in many cases to facilitate his impeachment and removal from office.

Fortunately for us, the President is one of the first Republicans in the Oval Office to have an effective strategy to fight back against the horde. Despite the resistance, he has delivered BIGLY on his campaign promises to the extent that he has been able to move public opinion and control events. Here is a list of some of those accomplishments as cited in his letter to Nancy Pelosi before the Democrats voted to impeach him.

You and your party are desperate to distract from America’s extraordinary economy, incredible jobs boom, record stock market, soaring confidence, and flourishing citizens.  Your party simply cannot compete with our record: 7 million new jobs; the lowest-ever unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans; a rebuilt military; a completely reformed VA with Choice and Accountability for our great veterans; more than 170 new federal judges and two Supreme Court Justices; historic tax and regulation cuts; the elimination of the individual mandate; the first decline in prescription drug prices in half a century; the first new branch of the United States Military since 1947, the Space Force; strong protection of the Second Amendment; criminal justice reform; a defeated ISIS caliphate and the killing of the world’s number one terrorist leader, al-Baghdadi; the replacement of the disastrous NAFTA trade deal with the wonderful USMCA (Mexico and Canada); a breakthrough Phase One trade deal with China; massive new trade deals with Japan and South Korea; withdrawal from the terrible Iran Nuclear Deal; cancellation of the unfair and costly Paris Climate Accord; becoming the world’s top energy producer; recognition of Israel’s capital, opening the American Embassy in Jerusalem, and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights; a colossal reduction in illegal border crossings, the ending of Catch-and-Release, and the building of the Southern Border Wall—and that is just the beginning, there is so much more.  You cannot defend your extreme policies—open borders, mass migration, high crime, crippling taxes, socialized healthcare, destruction of American energy, late-term taxpayer-funded abortion, elimination of the Second Amendment, radical far-left theories of law and justice, and constant partisan obstruction of both common sense and common good.

An amazing list, isn’t it? Just imagine what he would have been able to accomplish had he had just a scintilla of cooperation from the Democrat Party and even-handed reporting on his presidency by the legacy media! Those who argue endlessly that he’s “only in it for personal gain” are fools and worse.

Cue the exploding heads: as an optimistic sort, I predict that not only will he be reelected in a landslide next November, but Republicans will regain control of the House of Representatives. And that will set the table for a golden era of conservative policy implementation, the likes of which the country has never seen before. Here is a second-term manifesto of potential policy actions in no particular order:…’s-second-term-manifesto/

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