Proposed bill would prevent transgender females from competing in women’s sports

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A new Tennessee bill would prevent transgender females from competing in biological female sports.

According to The Tennessee Star, HB 1572 would require students at elementary and secondary schools to compete in sports based on their biological sex.

State Rep. Bruce Griffey (R) submitted the bill, which would force schools to comply with such gender segregation and would pose fines up to $10,000 for non-compliance with the bill, if passed. The measure points out that violations of such a policy would also result in schools losing public funding sources.

A portion of the bill reads, “Each elementary and secondary school in this state that receives any type of public funding from this state or a local government, or both, shall require, for an official or unofficial school-sanctioned athletic or sporting event, that each athlete participating in the athletic or sporting event participates with and competes against other athletes based on the athlete’s biological sex as indicated on the athlete’s original birth certificate issued at the time of birth.”


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