Let’s remember the real gifts the president has given America

Perhaps the most obvious of these accomplishments is the economic growth Trump has unleashed. In the second quarter of this year, GDP growth reached 4.2 percent. African American and Hispanic unemployment rates are at an all-time low. Manufacturing is booming, with as many Americans working factory jobs as did in 1950. It’s an excellent time to be a working American, and the numbers prove it.

The president has also made his mark on the international stage, successfully negotiating a replacement to NAFTA that even Nancy Pelosi admits is an improvement. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross anticipates that USMCA will create more than 176,000 new jobs and add $34 billion to the auto industry. It also contains key provisions designed to support America’s farmers…

The president has also taken a stand on behalf of those caught in our broken criminal justice system. The First Step Act, which he signed into law in late 2018, is designed to reduce recidivism and increase prison safety and sanitation, reduce taxpayer burdens and empower the formerly incarcerated to reclaim lives of dignity and purpose.

And amid a growing crisis at our southern border, the president has taken a stand and fought back against illegal immigration. This past fall, the Pentagon rerouted $3.6 billion from military projects to continue the construction of the border wall. The goal is to build an additional 500 miles of the wall before Election Day.

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