MSNBC clip tries to sell booming economy as a plus for Dem candidates

Speaking on MSNBC last Friday, left-wing CNBC “journalist” John Harwood seemed to lament the fact that President Donald Trump’s economy is rewarding “people with high levels of creativity, skill, innovation.”

He also suggested that, going into 2020, Democrats should keep campaigning on creating an economy that would instead reward freeloaders.

As it stands, anyone who works hard enough and possesses the right mixture of skill and talent can and will undoubtedly succeed in America. In fact, even those without skill and talent are doing well in this economy, and that’s a fact:

But it seems that according to Harwood, this is a problem …

“[W]e have an economy that rewards people with high levels of creativity, skill, innovation, and that and the structure of corporate life which has been increasingly evolved to reward shareholders rather than broader sets of people,” he said to MSNBC’s Ali Velshi. “That’s who is making out very well, but people without advanced skills are not doing so well.”

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