A month-by-month look at Donald Trump’s top lies of 2019

A defining feature of the Donald Trump presidency is the bombardment of lies — Trump’s unceasing campaign to convince people of things that aren’t true.

January: Duct tape and the border

February: Imaginary voter fraud

March: Revisionist history on “Russia, if you’re listening”

April: “Windmills” and cancer

May: Two lies in one

June: Remains, no longer returning

July: Smearing Rep. Ilhan Omar

August: A tariff mantra

September: The Sharpie fiasco

October: Inverting reality on the whistleblower

November: Pulling “out” of Syria

December: Dishwashers

Article URL : https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/31/politics/fact-check-donald-trump-top-lies-of-2019-daniel-dale/index.html

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