Obama Was the Most Anti-Semitic President in History, So Let’s Stop Pointing Fingers at Trump

I’ve previously written about how the Democratic Party has embraced anti-Semitism and defended rabid anti-Semites in their party. But as anti-Semitism becomes increasingly mainstream in the Democratic Party, rather than addressing the problem, Democrats are deflecting, trying to paint anti-Semitism as a Trump problem. Rep. Eric Swalwell recently alleged in an op-ed in the Jewish magazine Forward that Donald Trump is “embracing anti-Semitism.” Because Trump, who has a daughter who’s a converted Jew and Jewish grandchildren, is obviously an anti-Semite, or something.

In the wake of the Hanukkah celebration stabbing in Monsey, New York, rather than blame the attacker, Democrats chose to blame Trump — who has done more for Israel and the Jewish people in three years than his predecessor did in two terms.

The left is deliberately trying to whitewash Obama’s record of anti-Semitism, and the welcoming of anti-Semites into their party. When Barack Obama entered the national stage and rose to become the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2008, defending him at all costs mattered more than exposing his hateful roots and record.

Obama spent twenty years in the congregation of radical racist and anti-Semite Jeremiah Wright. Obama only quit the congregation to save his political aspirations, because the values he learned in that congregation clearly stayed with him. He surrounded himself with anti-Semites during his campaign and his presidency.

Here are a few examples:….


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