What would it take to convince you to believe???

No, this isn’t a post by a believer, asking atheists what it would take to change their minds. We’ve done that too many times. And, I’m an atheist….

As a counterpoint, atheists have asked “what would make you abandon your belief?”

Hopefully, this is a somewhat different approach to a well-hashed-over question. It occurred to me as I saw a trailer for the new Netflix series “Messiah”, and I figured this is a different way for me to answer a theist’s question “what would convince you to believe?” I guess my answer could be “It would probably be something similar to your answer” to the question below:

An individual appears on the scene. He/she professes to have a message from god. Or says he is god. Or the son/daughter of god. That he is back as promised years and years ago.

I posit a theist would have a level of skepticism about that individual’s claims, and require a degree of proof similar to what I would require to accept the the individuals claim of divinity, or even to accept them as a divine messenger.

How as a theist/Christian would you determine if he/she is what he says, or isn’t?

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