30 Millionen Krawallmacher wegen nächtlicher Ruhestörung festgenommen (30 million rioters arrested for disturbance at night)

Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2020

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich (dpo) – For large-scale operations throughout Germany, the police managed to fire in the night of December 31. on the 1.1. to arrest around thirty million rioters. The mostly heavily drunk men and women are accused of deliberately disturbing the peaceful sleep of their fellow human beings around midnight by firing rockets and firecrackers.

A spokesman for the police said that some explosions had been heard throughout the day: “We already had a feeling that we were going to have a restless night. Then around 11:45 p.m., more and more people roaring loudly It soon became clear that the night’s rest from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. was in danger. “

A few minutes before midnight the racket really started. Almost at the same time, the brazen troublemakers had started counting backwards to zero and then launching rockets with loud hoots and detonating more firecrackers.

The police then struck with all available forces. By 00:30, the law enforcement officers managed to arrest a total of 29,498,107 troublemakers nationwide and lock them in sobering up cells. Due to the strong alcoholization of the troublemakers, very few were able to escape.

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