Report: Militia leader on scene of U.S. Embassy raid was Obama White House guest

As the world awaits developments in Tuesday’s attack on the United States embassy in Baghdad, it’s taken less than a day for the country’s latest crisis to reach back to Barack Obama.

While hundreds of Iranian-back militia members swarmed the sprawling embassy grounds, according to The Washington Post, several faces stood out as being particularly influential in the troubled country.


But one of the leaders, according to Breitbart, was more than just a familiar face in Baghdad power circles – he’d also reportedly been a guest of the Obama White House in 2011.

The man is Hadi al-Amiri, a former Iraqi transportation minister who now heads the Badr Organization, one of the most powerful of Iraq’s numerous armed militia groups, according to The Post.

And virtually nothing about his past indicates he’s anything but an enemy of the United States.

Allied with Iran — the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism — the Badr Organization was a key player battling American forces in the 2003 fighting that followed the United States invasion of Iraq. It also has members who’ve gone to Syria to fight alongside the dictator Bashar Assad, The Post reported.

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