So the leader of U.S. embassy attack in Iraq was a guest in the Obama White House?

Al-Amiri got invited the White House as the Iraqi government’s “transport minister” after he fought on the side of Iran in the horrendous Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, continued work with the Iran Revolutionary Guards, got more practice with terrorism in Kuwait in 2008, according to this credible-looking Middle Eastern source on Twitter:

…and still managed to cadge a White House invitation, undoubtedly to browbeat the White House into caving in on some factor, or else to convince them that there was no winning the Iraq war, the Iranians there were too powerful. Whatever the purpose of this visit, it sure as heck didn’t deserve the White House treatment, it’s something world leaders normally have to earn to get. That this terrorist got an invitation so cheaply could only have sent the message to his ilk that the U.S. was weak. And now we have the embassy attack.

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