In 2020, let’s end the needless hostility towards trans people

The ongoing negative and misleading media coverage has continued to have serious adverse affects on transgender people, with hate crimes and hate incidents at an all-time record high. Getting access to transgender-related healthcare has become more difficult, with people having to wait up to two to three years for a single appointment at a gender identity clinic.

It hasn’t always been like that, and the lists only seem to be getting longer and longer. Healthcare for transgender people has been routinely questioned even though the benefits of medical transition have been established by international institutions such as the World Health Organisation. Transgender people’s access to activities and gendered spaces have also been put into question.

In May, access to Hampstead’s swimming ponds was formalised for transgender people, a policy that was almost immediately followed up with threats of legal action. Before this, the ponds had been been inclusive of transgender people for decades.

Transgender people also need access to services to stay safe, such as homeless shelters and refuges for survivors of sexual, as well as domestic abuse. Transgender people remain one of the most vulnerable groups in society and are at a heightened risk of homelessness, discrimination and violence, but even access to these has been ‘debated’ with malice and misinformation.

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