President Trump is Delivering Economic Victories for Rural America

<i>Rural communities are booming again under Trump’s economy</i>

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has turned the US economy around and is delivering economic victories for rural America.

Many economists and liberal thinkers had written off rural America after the Great Recession in 2008, arguing it would never be an engine for economic growth again. Although the majority of the population lives in metropolitan areas, rural communities continue to play a key role in our national economy and job creation. President Trump has been faithful in advancing pro-growth policies that benefit residents living in these areas of our country. “Redder, smaller, more rural communities really are ‘winning’ a little more,” according to the Brookings Institution. In fact, during Trump’s first year in office, Brookings found that rural areas outperformed their share of the economy to generate around 16.6 percent of the nation’s employment growth.

The jobs numbers are pretty clear cut, according to The Daily Signal.

Coming out of the recession, the economic picture for rural communities was bleak at best. TRENDING: Al Green Admits Efforts To Impeach Trump Began When He Was Running For Office Residents were growing older, the population was in decline, and more people were moving to metropolitan areas. And while the Obama administration did little to help the people in these communities, Trump has pursued a bold agenda that empowers these communities to grow and prosper. The keys to growth have been lower taxes, less burdensome regulations, and market certainty.

The results back this up, especially in manufacturing.

In Trump’s first 30 months in office, manufacturing produced 314,000 more jobs than during the same period in Barack Obama’s presidency.

Manufacturing is especially important in rural communities because roughly 2.5 million manufacturing jobs exist in these areas.

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