Analysis: Pelosi faces lose-lose prospects on impeachment

Democrats have passed two articles of impeachment without naming any crimes, and Pelosi has refused to submit the articles to the Republican-controlled Senate unless it accedes to her demands. The Constitution, however, gives her zero influence in the Senate’s trial.

Thann Bennett, ACLJ’s director of government affairs, was asked on the organization’s “Jay Sekulow Live” program how long Pelosi “can stonewall sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial and why she’s doing so.”

“Politically I think Speaker Pelosi has created a lose/lose situation for herself,” Bennett said. “The one scenario where the Senate does take up a trial and the president is acquitted, I think, spells political disaster for the Democratic Party. I think the alternative spells disaster for them as well.

“This is probably a calculation she should have made before she let this train leave the station,” Bennett said. “That’s where we are. Is she going to send it over? Is she going to keep it? Either way, politically, I think it’s a huge loser for her.”

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